While growing up on the pacific coast I’ve always had a fascination with the landscape and wildlife. On numerous occasions I found myself saying, “That would make a great photo”. So, I started taking photos as a hobby in 2005 and haven’t stopped since. I now live in the Pacific Northwest and find myself surrounded by stunning landscape and amazing wildlife. I hope my photography will give you a glimpse of what I see and the beautiful world we live in.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  1. The truck is right along side of the road. If you leave from the Lake Quinault Lodge on South Shore Rd you will pass both the Merriman and Bunch waterfalls. At some point South Shore Rd turns into Graves Creek Rd and will also go from a paved road to a dirt/gravel road. I’m not sure how far you have to drive on the dirt road, but the truck will be on your left. Good Luck and thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. Hey! Awesome pictures you have here i was wondering about the truck you found near the Quinault Waterfall I know it’s located on Graves Creek Rd, but I was wondering how long is the hike towards it? And is it right off the side of the road or is it like in the middle of nowhere? Thanks.


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