In late February, I took a trip to Victoria for a few day thanks to two very good friends.  Victoria is on the beautiful Vancouver Island and is just a quick ferry ride from Port Angeles, WA.  If you have not been to Victoria it is a great little city with lots to do.  Besides the world famous Butchart Gardens there is also the Royal BC Museum, Butterfly Gardens, Canada’s oldest Chinatown, afternoon tea at The Fairmont Empress, lots of hiking and biking, and the Parliament Buildings all lit up with lights.  During the day it’s fun to watch the boats and seaplanes come and go from the inner harbor.











During my stay, I wanted to capture Victoria at night because of all the city lights and its reflection on the water.  This panorama is six different HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.  Each image was taken using five different exposures.  I used the Photomatix Pro software to process the different exposures and stitched them together in Photoshop.  So I guess you could say this image was created by 30 different images.  I like how the final image turned out with the lights reflecting off the water and the dark blue sky.

Victoria Panorama

(Click on images to see a larger view)

2 Comments on “Victoria

  1. I am huge fan of your photography. These night shots are fantastic! All I can say is more photos more often.


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