Northern Cali for the Holidays

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I traveled down to Northern California to spend the holidays with family and found some time to take a few photos. These images were taken at the Russian Gulch State Park.
Waves in Motion
Again, hoping for a dramatic sunset over the Pacific Ocean, I was met with almost clear skies. However, the waves were around four to five feet at times which made for some great white water when crashing against the rocks.
Surf and Sun

5 Comments on “Northern Cali for the Holidays

  1. The ocean sunset with the dynamic wave and phenomenal color is spectacular. I am honored to have taken a walk with you that evening to see this gorgeous sunset. You really captured it.


  2. Beautiful! The coast was gorgeous over the holiday -and you captured it all-
    brilliant sky and the ocean such a deep blue.
    Sunsets on the coast are awesome. Ken & Corey love it there.
    P & B


  3. Cool pix, kiddo. I posted a comment on your blog. I am anonymous.


  4. Giina, these are lovely. I really love the water splashing up on the rocks.


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