Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies
It looks like summer is coming to an end in the Pacific Northwest. Blue skies are few and far between and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. These photos are of an approaching storm, which dumped about 5 inches of rain in two days.  Yep, there’s a reason it’s called the rain forest.

I was fortunate that the tide was low and the rain didn’t start until I was done taking these images.  There was even a whale feeding close to shore that caught my attention each time it surfaced for air.  Unfortunately, it didn’t stay at the surface long enough for a picture.
Approaching Storm

4 Comments on “Stormy Skies

  1. I love the contrast (texture) between the rock shore, the forest that comes down the water, the sky and the Straits. The water is the Straits of Juan deFuca, right? Not the Pacific Ocean or the Pudget Sound? Beautiful photos.


  2. Beootiful!! Our DSL has been out since Friday the 13th – after HOURS & HOURS with techs, customer service, etc. etc. – installed a new modum/router and with help from our neighbor, we, HOPELFULLY, have it back.
    Give your Mom & Tanda hugs—-phyllis


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