Into the Sunset

Into The Sunset
I went to Hurricane Ridge to take photos of the Olympic Mountain Range at sunset. I was hoping for wildflowers and big puffy clouds. Well…, the wildflowers were almost done blooming and as soon as the sun went down the big puffy clouds vanished. This was probably the best image I got that night. Just before I took this shot I was focused on the mountain range but could hear something walking in the grass. As I pulled away from the camera, I could see a Buck coming up from below me. As he came onto the trail about 15 feet away on my left, another Buck came up on my right about 20 feet away. After scrambling to change my lens this was the shot I got. The deer are everywhere on Hurricane Ridge and very used to people. However, you still need to respect their space and give them room when walking on the trails.
I’m looking forward to my next trip to the Ridge.

3 Comments on “Into the Sunset

  1. Beautiful red sky makes this a spectacular silhouette. Love your blog and your photos of the Pacific Northwest. Keep safe with all the wildlife. Those bucks being that close would have made me nervous.


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