Hoh Rain Forest – Olympic National Park

Driving up the road to the Hoh Rain Forest the first thing we see is a herd of Elk. We actually had to stop the car so they could cross in front of us. Very majestic animals. We arrived early at the park and decided to walk the Hall of Mosses trail. With a yearly total of 140 to 170 inches of rain each year it’s easy to see how the moss can and will grow on everything.
Hall of Mosses - 72









About half way through the trail we came across this nurse log which had these very large trees growing from it. I liked the root structure with the different textures from moss, leaves, roots, and the decaying log.
Nurse Log

2 Comments on “Hoh Rain Forest – Olympic National Park

  1. I love the hall of mosses…great shots.

    BTW…very nice surprise in the backyard today, galz. Thank you the very cute little fence. The deer are annoyed!


  2. It is amazing that a tree falls to the forest floor; tree seedlings germinate on the log and hundreds of years later you have these massive mature trees. Nature is amazing. Thanks for the cool pic. Isn’t the Hoh Rain Forest by Forks, Wa. (Twilight area)?


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